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Course Overview

This course is based upon the Carcharodon best of the best model of excellence for shutdown management. This model builds on the work of Tom Lenahan (published author and Carcharodon Associate), has been brought together with inputs from people who have done it from the trenches along with some of the world's most experienced shutdown specialists with all this experience condensed into a core methodology - our blueprint for success. It converts Turnarounds from a high-risk nuisance to and opportunity and has been used on multiple sites around the world, has been the basis of two books and is also supplemented by a chronological guide to  building and controlling

a successful turnaround. The purpose of the course is to use the Model of Excellence for Turnarounds and the principles of Challenge Planning to equip attendees with an advanced approach to Turnaround Management. The course is backed by real situations, high levels of interaction, group exercises and multiple case studies. It will explore the underlying mechanisms and levers that shape a turnaround to demonstrate why we sometimes succeed or fail and introduce new conceptual approaches that can increase our chances of succeeding.


You can choose from our two prime locations in Australia. 


The course will give you an overall idea to:

  • Understand how turnaround management fits within the wider maintenance and operating processes to support world class performance.
  • Understand the critical processes, skills and tools required to establish outstanding turnaround performances in their own environment.
  • Set out a framework (the model of excellence) that provides a structured, logical explanation of turnaround best practice, how to develop a local methodology and benchmark performance.
  • Provide a cradle to grave process for turnaround management from initial concept to event completion that will help plan work, manage risks and secure event goals.
  • Explain the role of the steering team and how to develop a truly strategic and effective steering team
  • Provide a vehicle to benchmark current performances and practices against the latest planning and management techniques and how to use audits to keep events on track.
  • Understand the principles of strategic planning and how to convert turnarounds from a business nuisance to a business opportunity.
  • Devise a method to identify critical roles, develop organisations for different events and ensure that this team has the right skills and behaviours to perform effectively
  • Integrate departments beyond just the maintenance team (e.g. operations, safety, procurement, projects) in the turnaround process.
  • Understand the latest thinking in scope control and clarification (how 70% of scope can be identified 3 months after the last turnaround, how to eliminate waste, how to reduce the impact of scope on an event and how to control late and emergent work).
  • Develop a contract strategy that is best for different environments to select the right contractor and set up a contract and relationship that will drive performance.
  • Balance fixed costs against other event priorities, to track spend and avoid surprises.

Skills Gained

Some skills that can be acquired on course completion.

Position Turnarounds to improve business performance.


Build the best Turnaround team possible.


Help senior management build effective steering teams.


Reduce the turnaround downtimes and improve safety.


Maximise the benefits of planning and preparation.


Course Outline

This three-day training course has been derived from the Turnaround Model of Excellence developed by Carcharodon which takes the model of excellence to the next level.

Day 1

1. Setting Turnarounds in Context.
2. A Structured Model of Excellence – a blueprint for success. 
3. Developing a Shutdown Strategy.

Day 2

1. Planning – Preliminary Planning. 
2. Planning – Challenge Planning
3. Returning to full operation.

Day 3

1. The Turnaround Review
2. Developing a cradle to grave control and learning process.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Managers

Supervisors/Engineers - Shutdown & Turnaround

Quality Assurance
Asset Management
Planning and Health & Safety

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