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Dubai - UAE

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15th - 17th May 2023
(Online Exam will be held on
18th May 2023)

Course Overview

This training provides the knowledge of the evolution of Asset Management through time and how Maintenance Management, Reliability Engineering and Asset Management relate to each other, going on to the difference between “Asset Management”, and “Managing Assets”. It aims to provide guidance and direction relating to challenges faced in the modern world relating to asset ownership and asset operation and introduces leading international institutes recommended applied practice.

The main objective of this course is to provide knowledge in asset management required by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) to audit or assess an Asset Management system to the requirements of ISO 55001. This is essential to become Certified Asset Management Assessor.


Live online training.


The course will give you an overall idea to:

  • Pre-Course Questionnaire: A questionnaire will be provided to all the delegates before the online training which needs to be filled and submitted back to the trainer. This objective of this questionnaire is to gauge the attendees’ understanding level and to gather their expectations. The training level and content may be adjusted to suit the delegate base.
  • Pre-Course Preparation: Course notes (pre-course materials) and assignments will be provided by the trainer before the online training. Attendees need to study the material and submit the assignments before the training. This preparation is not mandatory but if opted it will boost the learning experience.
  • This course can be presented in an online format (20-training hours) or on a face-to-face training format (24-training hours). The course content does not differ in principle however the more direct approach of face-to-face training provides a substantially better platform through sharing of video clips in the training promoting considerably better delegate interaction.
  • Mock Quiz: at the end of the course a mock quiz will be administered. This quiz has, as far as practicable, been designed to expose the delegates to some of the challenges that may be encountered when they write the internationa CAMA examination.
  • Post Course Assignments: To further enhance the learning experience, Trainer will provide post course assignments to the attendees which needs to be completed and submitted to the trainer.
  • Comprehensive Learning Kit: Trainer will provide course materials after the training which will be helpful for the attendees as the future reference in their continuous learning journey.

Benefits of Attending

Departments and corresponding Designations:
• Asset Managers
• Asset Operations Managers
• Asset Planning Managers
• Asset Health Specialists
• Asset Maintenance Specialists
• Asset Services Managers
• Asset Management Consultants
• Principals in Asset Management

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Day 1

1. Introduction to the CAMA exam and the “Asset Management Subjects”
2. Driving Asset Effectiveness and Efficiency Through the Asset Lifecycle, From Cradle to Grave
3. The Broader Asset Management Environment
4. Whole of Life-Cycle Considerations

Day 2

1. Evolution into modern day “Asset Management
2. Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Assessor
3. Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Assessor
4. Important Tools in Asset Management

Day 3

1. Asset Management Maturity
2. Distribution Asset Management
3. Deferred Maintenance
4. Leading for Success in a Technical World: “Soft Skills” for Hard Skills Areas and the Reasons this is so Important
5. Leading for Success in a Technical World: “Soft Skills” for Hard Skills Areas

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