16 Hours
4 Days X 4 Hours


Live Online Workshop 

Upcoming Class

 8th March to 11th March 2021
8 am to 12 pm
Australian Western Standard time

Course Overview

Maintenance can be an expensive function,  but badly performed maintenance can incur significantly greater costs to a business. Recent years have seen an increasing pressure to “reduce the cost of maintenance” but this has all too often generated a drive on fixed cost reduction without sufficient consideration of the consequences on plant performance, production costs, asset life and even HSE.

Some achieve short-term fixed cost reductions, but cause longer-term issues such as poor reliability that have a far greater impact on bottom-line profits. Add to this the fact that the majority of fixed cost reduction programmes fail to achieve sustainable benefits and you can see that achieving cost effective maintenance is far harder than many appreciate.


Enroll in a 4-day Interactive Online Session.


Key Business Benefits:

  • Understand the definition and principles of cost effective maintenance.
  • Be able to calculate the total cost of maintenance for their own production plant.
  • To build a strategy and business case to eliminate waste and develop lower maintenance costs without losing reliability.
  • Use the model of excellence for optimising fixed costs of maintenance. 
  • Explain the fundamentals of cost effective safety and legislative compliance.
  • Help focus reliability efforts in a cost effective way.
  • Develop an approach to integrate cost reduction with reliability and safety improvement.  

Skills Gained

Some skills that can be acquired on course completion.

Understand total cost of maintenance.


Learn Modern Maintenance Strategy.


Understand the basics of fixed cost reduction.


Learn plant performance and reliability improvement.


Understand the importance of work management.


Course Outline

This course is not just for maintenance
professionals. Maintenance teams cannot perform
without effective integration with operations and
other functions. Reliability losses are often caused
by operations or design issues and pace setting
companies have generated significant benefits by
integrating operation and maintenance strategies
and working more collaboratively. In many
cases they have been able to make significant
changes in profitability without significant

Day 1

1. Understanding the total cost of maintenance.
2. The Modern Maintenance Strategy.
3. The basics of fixed cost reduction.

Day 2

1. Focus areas for fixed cost reduction.
2. Plant performance and reliability improvement.

Day 3

1. Cost effective HSE.
2. The importance of
work management.

Day 4

1. The shutdown management challenge.
2. Organisation and supply
chain management.

Who Should Attend?

Maintenance managers.
Reliability engineers.
Project managers.
Project engineers.
Operations managers.
Shift managers.
Operations supervisors and people who are in training for these positions.
Contractors who want to contribute to shutdown performance of clients.

(All prices are in US Dollars.)


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