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Course Overview

This course covers the practical usage of Excel in a budgeting context. It is designed for users who use Excel already, and are comfortable with commonly used Excel tools and techniques. Whilst a brief overview of tools used in this course is provided, it is assumed that delegates are reasonably confident Excel users, and have or will have some involvement in the budgeting process in their organisation.

This course will be taught using a combination of formal instruction, combined with practical and interactive exercises and case studies used to reinforce the concepts taught in each section of the course. Case studies include critique of conventional budgeting techniques and real-world examples of problems and latest budgeting techniques and best practice guidelines. 


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5 Key Business Benefits:

  • Insights into defining the “uncertainties” that affect companies’ ability to produce accurate budgets, and quantify this with stress-testing, what-if and scenario analysis techniques.
  • Understand the budget planning process, preparation, review and control.
  • Discover and leverage on the different types of budgeting techniques that can be used in organisations.
  • Understand how to build budgets for the “real world”, allowing for flexibility and future change. 
  • Streamline budget model building by applying best practice functions, tools and techniques.  

Skills Gained

Some skills that can be acquired on course completion.

Essential excel for budgets.


Strategic budgeting.


Practical budgeting techniques.


Budgeting financial statement.


Budget management reporting.


Course Outline

This course is available as 5 x 3-hour live online sessions on five consecutive days. Each participant receives download folder loaded with examples and templates. Students are encouraged to share their own experiences with the class and are welcome to bring examples of their own data, budgets or reports to discuss during the course.

Day 1

1. Must-know Tools and Techniques.
2. Essential Excel Functions. 
3. Essential Advanced Tools.
4. Practical Excel: Visualising Budget Outputs with Charts.

Day 2

1. How budgeting fits into the strategic planning process? 
2. Why do we budget? 
3. What’s wrong with how we budget?
4. Scenario Analysis for Budgeting & Forecasting.

Day 3

1. Reviewing cost structures for budget optimisation and best performance. 
2. New Techniques in Budgeting
3. Cash Budgeting

Day 4

1. Budgeting for Capital Expenditure.
2. Consolidating the detailed budget into financial statements.

Day 5

1. Budget reporting tools and techniques. 
2. Performance management, reporting and control.

Who Should Attend?

Managing Directors
Financial Controllers
Business Development Managers
Business Planning Managers
Finance Managers (in various functions)
Business Unit / Operational Managers
Management Accountants
Business Analysts
Financial Analysts
Portfolio Management
Capital Planning

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