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Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of the best practices in the Maintenance and Reliability field and show their relationship to the five pillars of the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification. This certification is the leading credential for certifying the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals, which also follows the globally-recognized ISO standards for its accreditation purposes.

This highly interactive course uses a combination of individual and group exercises to heighten the learning experience and provide an immersive training environment that maximises the interaction between attendees and the instructor and the attendees with their peers.



The course will give you an overall idea to:

  • Learn the best practices and techniques in Maintenance & Reliability.
  • Understand the sources of maintenance costs and eliminate defects that are driving costs. 
  • Apply proactive policies and tools to reduce Maintenance Costs. 
  • Define known maintenance and Reliability Best Practices .
  • Develop maintenance leading and lagging KPIs for an Organization .
  • Define the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Process .
  • Develop a PM Procedure .
  • Define failures modes for specific components and assets .
  • Write a repeatable procedure.
  • Become A Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional With Global Recognition.

Skills Gained

Some skills that can be acquired on course completion.

Buying and identifying the best asset among several
competing alternatives.


Arrive at the economic life of an asset where its utilization declines as it ages.


Methodologies for monitoring the performance of an
individual asset.


Work with AGE/CON and PERDEC software packages to
perform economic life calculations.


Predict future O&M costs when there are little data available.                             


Course Outline

This is a three-day course taking delegates from the very basics of life cycle costing, through to advanced application of the technique in realistic situations.

Day 1

1. Risk Based Asset Management
2. Industrial Reliability Centered Maintenance
3. General Business Concepts
4. Maintenance General Best Practices

Day 2

1. Best Practices for Planning and Scheduling.
2. Strategic Maintenance Planning
3. Understanding Systems Analysis – The FMECA Process

Day 3

1. Inventory Best Practices
2. Plant Process Reliability
3. Maintenance Management –
Justifying Staffing Levels
4. Managing People

Who Should Attend?

1. Maintenance Managers
2. Maintenance Superintendents
3. Maintenance Engineers
4. Maintenance Planners
5. Reliability Engineers
6. Plant Managers
7. Engineering Managers
8. Manufacturing Managers
9. Production Managers
10. Operations Managers
11. Asset Managers

(All prices are in US Dollars.)


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