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20th - 24th March, 2023

Course Overview

This Program is designed to impart the key principles involved in creating and managing an operationally reliable Industrial workplace. The program covers all of the standard maintenance activities as week as opening up your mind to the WHY behind the Activities in a way you may not have previously considered. 

We will give you a deeper insight into what makes RCM actually work and assure that your understanding of the core principles are firmly established in your mind. Most people refer to this training as an epiphany in their understanding of Reliability Centered Management.


Live online training.


The course will give you an overall idea to:

  • Perform an FMECA Criticality Analysis of your production processes and Equipment.
  • Properly Design Best Practice Programs that are actually effective.
  • Optimize your PM processes
  • Streamline and manage Critical Spares
  • Clarify and define what true Operational Criticality is.
  • Better Manage Maintenance Personnel and Processes
  • Have a firm understanding of Organizational Change Management
  • Understand ISO 55000 and its implications for your organization

Benefits of Attending

• Being prepared to take the Professional Certification Examinations with confidence
• Increasing your mastery of Industrial Manufacturing Reliability
• Possessing the ability to Create Operational Reliability
• Becoming a better Manager and Leader
• Preparing yourself for a career in Reliability
• Gaining an overview of the entire process of manufacturing, throughput, quality and reliability.
• Learning how to truly improve your workplace performance 

Day 1

1. Industrial Reliability Centered Maintenance
2. Understanding Machine Failures
3. Best Practices - General Areas of Operational Reliability
4. General Maintenance Management Practices

Day 2

1. Lubrication Best Practices
2. Oil Sampling Best Practices
3. FMECA Workshop

Day 3

1. Strategic Maintenance Planning.
2. Reliability vs Quality
3. Organizational Management and Culture Change
4. Human Needs and Motivational Behavior

Day 4

1. Planning and Scheduling Best Practices and KPIs
2. Equipment Reliability
3. Plant Process Reliability

Day 5

1. ISO 55000 The Risk Based Asset Management Standard

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